Our Pricing & Fee Schedule

Our Fee Schedule is Always Transparent

Victor Schramm, LLC has only one Fee Schedule. Our fees are always uniform and transparent. As a Fee Only practice, these fees are the only way we are compensated- we do not receive commissions from sales of financial products.

Hourly Rate

$125Per Hour
  • For hourly rate, flat fee planning services
  • Education Planning

  • Cash-Flow Projections

  • Retirement Income Projections

Financial Planning services complimentary (free) for all Assets Under Management clients

  • Integration of all assets into one strategy
  • Road map to financial health
  • All financial planning services included

When working with IOVA's, we charge a percent of Assets Under Management (AUM). We can arrange for fees to bill directly from the annuity for clients who prefer this.
Our Assets Under Management clients enjoy free financial planning services such as cash flow projections, capital needs assessments, retirement income projections, and more.
For our annuity clients, this charge will not be experienced. As an alternative to our management models, we do hourly rate financial planning. This does not apply to IOVA clients, as financial planning is complimentary for them. If you are interested in learning more about this service, please visit the main site's dedicated page about this.

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