Our Portfolios

Our Portfolios

Our philosophy in action

We begin every portfolio by selecting an optimal asset allocation based on our initial consultation with the client. From there, we focus on keeping investors' costs as low as possible- minimizing transaction and ongoing expense costs while ensuring the portfolio is properly diversified. We treat diversification as not only a means of reducing some risks of investing in the market- we see it as a means of gaining exposure to all of the opportunities that make sense for an individual investor.

When we manage Investment Only Variable Annuities, we have access to a range of funds that allows us to build low-cost, fully diversified portfolios without incurring costly transaction expenses. We use funds from T. Rowe Price, Vanguard, PIMCO, Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA), among others, to create an investment program that clients are pleased to invest for the long-term.

Drawing on Expertise

Our portfolios are constructed and managed by Victor Schramm, CFS®. Our process of portfolio construction draws on specialized expertise from the Institute of Business & Finance's Certified Fund Specialist designation. This CFS® certification program cultivates expertise in:

Risk Calculation
Mutual Fund & Other Fund Vehicle Analysis
Efficient Portfolio Construction
Diversifying Investments

Funds We Have Access To With IOVA's

We're proud to employ Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) in our practice

Efficient Programs

In our experience, investors who want to develop an investing program that aligns with their personal values are interested in knowing just what they’re buying. We do our best to work with each client on what they do and don’t want to invest in.

Victor Schramm, LLC does not advocate any set, specific Socially Responsible Investment (often known as SRI) strategy- we prefer to work in a collaborative fashion to provide a truly tailored portfolio. That’s because we find that investors who want to look at the social impact of their investments exercise their own conscience. Many investors who seek this advice differ greatly in their approaches and concerns, from finding industries they want to invest actively in to specific businesses they want to avoid. At VSL, we’re always looking for great SRI potential in investment opportunities. We may recommend these opportunities to many individuals. In the end, it’s up to each client to take those recommendations or have us pursue other investments.

Our unique approach to socially responsible investing is what we call where Values meet Value.” We stick to our focus of finding growth and income at reasonable prices, no matter what ethical constraints are placed on the portfolio at hand. Our bottom-up, fundamental analysis-based approach is well suited to SRI concerns, as we look at companies in a detailed and specific way that puts the business practices and the financial status of investments at the forefront of every decision. Those evaluations are a great place to find key information for the values investor while meeting the objectives of the valueinvestor. When you’re investing for the future, it’s not enough to love what a company does- the emphasis on meeting clear investment goals needs to be constant.

We’ve seen how investing with your personal values can make a positive impact on your portfolio, and we’re happy to encourage each client to give serious thought to what they want in their portfolio. Not only does it align with our philosophy. It’s our belief that not becoming biased towards your investment based on a dislike of business practices can go a long way towards maintaining a facts based, empirically driven strategy that puts information first.