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Learn more about how we're working with 403(B)'s and other financial planning issues within the OHSU community

Free 403(b) Management

For our Assets Under Management clients, including Variable Annuity clients, we offer free 403(b) investment management

Mutual Fund Expertise

Portfolio Manager Victor Schramm, CFS® is a certified expert in Mutual Funds, fund selection, ETF's, and efficient portfolios

Fee Only

We're a Fee Only practice that has a fiduciary responsibility to act in the best interest of our clients

403(b)'s & Beyond

As a full service financial planning firm, we're well aware of the concerns of Oregon Health Sciences University employees- between PERS, minding OHSU 403(b) investing, seeking additional future retirement income streams, etc, financial planning is just as important as choosing the right investments.

As a Fee Only financial planning practice, we specialize in both investment advice and making tax-smart financial plans that utilize a wide range of strategies. When it comes to deferring taxes for future alternative income streams to supplement 403(b)'s, our focus is on using Investment Only Variable Annuities that offer a fee only alternative to the commission and fee heavy Variable Annuity options that have traditionally been available.

Our Offer

For our OHSU clients, we treat 403(b) investing with special care as a financial planning matter that works in concert with other financial planning concerns. We do not routinely recommend clients "roll over" their 403(b)'s away from their workplace except for specific reasons that we identify in the planning process. Instead, we focus on providing value where we provide it best: in the field of alternative income stream planning and management with our Investment Only Variable Annuity vehicles and taxable account management services.

That's why we offer free 403(b) consulting services to OHSU clients. Since we cannot offer the full range of 350+ Fund options, hands on management, and timely execution of trades for clients, we focus on making tailored investment programs with available options as a financial planning service. And since all of our financial planning services (such as education planning, net worth projections, etc). are complimentary to our IOVA clients, 403(b) planning is free is as well.


403(b) planning services are complimentary to all OHSU Investment Only Variable Annuity clients

Certified Fund Expert (CFS®)

In practice, 403(b)'s are generally restricted to Mutual Fund investment options. Our Portfolio Manager, Victor Schramm, brings expertise as a Certified Fund Specialist (CFS®) to the management of Fund-based portfolios: from selecting fund managers to analyzing what investments underlie the fund itself, expertise in this specialized field is especially relevant to fields such as 403(b) portfolio management.

We research all of the funds we recommend in depth, identifying the pros and cons while managing for issues such as Mutual Fund investing expenses (the expense ratio, costly portfolio turnover, etc). We take the same approach to managing your 403(b) portfolio as we do with our carefully constructed Investment Only Variable Annuity portfolios.

About Monument Advisor (Our IOVA Platform)

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We're located conveniently at the base of OHSU's Aerial Tram in the Southwest Waterfront neighborhood. We meet with clients at our office in the Riva on the Park and on OHSU's campus, for your convenience. You can make a free introductory meeting with us via our booking link below for any time & place that works best for your schedule.

Meet the Portfolio Manager

Victor Schramm is a Certified Fund Specialist (CFS®), with expertise in Mutual Funds & Variable Annuity Separate Accounts. He focuses on long term investing geared toward our annuity clients as a Fee Only Investment Advisor. He lives in Portland, OR.

Victor Schramm, CFS®Analyst & Portfolio Manager


Investment Only Variable Annuities are not suitable for all investors. Victor Schramm, CFS® must run a comprehensive suitability analysis to determine whether or not any annuity vehicle is suitable for an individual. As a rule, we work with people's variable annuities when 403(b), 401(k), IRA, and other qualified tax-favored investment vehicles have already been exploited- we do not recommend funding any unqualified investment vehicle before qualified vehicles.

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