Podcast: Episode 2

Welcome to the Investment Annuity blog with Victor Schramm, CFS®. Episode 2 covers a topic that is very timely- a commentary on today's Federal Reserve Beige Book. The Federal Reserve periodically produces this economic survey, known as the Beige Book for the historical color of the cover of the report itself.

This was an interesting one because, for one thing, this is the Beige Book at the end of the Janet Yellen era. The Federal Reserve referenced hurricane impacts on the economies of the region it follows, the Donald Trump economy (as directly as the Fed permits itself to speak), and many headline making statements that should clue business cycle and credit cycle investors. One of the big headlines was $200,000 can't buy you a starter home in Cleveland anymore.

You can stream the podcast right here by clicking the play button below. You can also download it by clicking the download button in the same window (it's a little arrow pointing downward icon).


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