Our Mission

Investment-Annuity.com is the work of Victor Schramm, CFS®. Victor is a Portland, Oregon based Fee Only financial planner and manager of a Registered Investment Advisor firm registered in the State of Oregon.

When we set out in 2013 to bring innovative Fee Only (no commission) financial planning services to the Pacific Northwest by founding Victor Schramm, LLC, it became apparent immediately that a new solution was needed by many for their Variable Annuities. We researched all of the available options on working with annuities. In that process, we discovered that there was a Fee Only, investment-focused alternative: the Investment Only Variable Annuity or IOVA.

We started working with Jefferson National to bring these IOVA's to the Oregon area. We're happy to work with them as the custodians of our clients funds as they have displayed dedication to the same principles we espouse- lowering investor costs, expanding investment options, and emphasizing tax-deferred investing over the guaranteed stream of income that traditional annuity models have relied upon.

About the Advisor

Victor Schramm, CFS® Portfolio Manager, Investment Advisor

Victor Schramm received his B.A. in Russian and East European History from the University of Oregon in 2007. Since his University studies, he has worked in the art supplies retail, sales, and candy manufacturing industries. In 2012 he relocated from Brooklyn, NY to Portland, OR and immediately set to work founding an independent Registered Investment Advisor firm. Victor Schramm is a self-described “investing nerd” who spends much of his free time reading authors from all corners of the economic and finance world such as Benjamin Graham, Martin Wittman, and Bill Gross. As an investor, he's most aligned with the Value school of investing and seeking growth at a reasonable price. He's also interested in behavioral finance.


Are you an insurance/"stock" Broker

No. We are a Registered Investment Advisor firm based in Oregon offering Fee Only (no commission) services.

Do you sell insurance?

No. Not only do we not sell insurance products, we don't sell any financial products as a Fee Only Investment Advisor firm.

What Cities/States do you service?

Our firm is based in Portland, Oregon. We serve clients all across Oregon. We're in Eugene particularly often.

I already have an Annuity- how can you help me?

Variable Annuity investors are entitled to a tax-free 1035 exchange of their Annuity contract to a different policy in many cases and a different brokerage/insurance company in most cases. There are more nuanced potential consequences, but broadly speaking we work with folks in this circumstance more often than not.

What does Fee Only mean?

Fee Only describes how we are compensated for our advice: rather than receiving commissions for transactions on financial products (i.e. selling insurance products, selling mutual funds or stocks, etc.), we are paid via fees for our advice. Essentially, it is our advice that we sell, not products.

Do have social media where I can keep up to date with you?

We currently do not have social media accounts- we're looking at how best to work within the regulatory framework to do so in the future. For now, you can subscribe to our Newsletter where we keep you posted on Local & Global business and economic news in the link below!

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