Investment Only Annuities

Annuities, Renovated.

A Fee Only alternative to the Variable Annuity model, free of commissions and focused on low-cost, long term investing

Victor Schramm, CFS® is an independent financial planner based in Portland, Oregon. Our mission is to assist savers and investors in reducing costs associated with traditional variable annuities.

Commission Free

Our Fee Only services are always free from commissions

Low Cost

Annuity service fees of $20/month, competitive management fees

Investment Only

We're focused on the tax deferred growth potential of Variable Annuities


Introducing the Investment Only Variable Annuity (IOVA)- the Fee Only tax-smart alternative that puts low-costs and long-term investing first.

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About Our Practice

Fee Only

We're compensated by fees alone, not commissions: we sell advice, not products

Portfolio Management

Our investment advice relies on the portfolio construction expertise of Certified Fund Specialist portfolio manager Victor Schramm, CFS®


We're an independent firm with a dedication to working with small businesses, individual investors, and entrepreneurs

Financial Planning

A comprehensive financial planning approach serves as the foundation of our practice. All investment advice is founded upon long-term, tax and cost conscious paths to determined planning goals.


As a Certified Fund Specialist (CFS®), Portfolio Manager Victor Schramm is an expert in selecting the Funds we use to construct long-term, low-cost portfolios.

Global Focus

Our Portfolios are globally focused, looking for the most efficient exposure to the best investment opportunities the world over at the best cost.

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Investment Only Variable Annuities

The Investment Only Variable Annuity is the heart of what we do- whether using it as a financial planning tool or transferring an old Variable Annuity.

Our Portfolios

We take pride in constructing efficient, low cost portfolios for long-term investing based on the Portfolio Manager's expertise as a Certified Fund Specialist (CFS®)

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Fee Only

The Fee Only model of financial planning and investment advice is integral to our practice. Click to learn more about the Fee Only alternative.

Monthly Flat Fee $
Our Flat Management Fee %

With a focus on value, low-cost investing, and excellent portfolio construction, these are just some of the fund providers we use to build investing programs

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Meet the Advisor

Victor Schramm moved to Oregon from New York City to found an independent Registered Investment Advisor firm in 2013. He received his B.A. in Russian & East European Studies from the University of Oregon in 2007.

Victor Schramm, CFS®Portfolio Manager

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